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Employee Pulse Check – Evaluate your Change Management

Employee Pulse Check is a great tool for your organization to follow the change- and development work. An efficient and high performing organization is built upon engaged employees, who are satisfied in their workspace and know that there are possibilities for further development. These are all factors that are important to keep skillful employees as well as establishing long lasting customer relationships. But, how can you ensure that the actions you are taking actually pays off?

An Employee Pulse Check provides a high response rate

One of the most common problems involving research and studies is the low response rate. When conducting external studies there can be a tendency for the selected individuals or companies to not respond. Mainly this is a consequence of the participants finding low to non existing incentives prioritizing their time to respond.
Luckily, there are statistical methods available to work around such issues.

However, when you are conducting an internal Employee Pulse Check, the response rate tends not to be a problem. In general, the employees will find the surveys  beneficial as it may be used to improve their work environment or similar.Internal polls and surveys should not be conducted just for the sake of it, as the response rate can decrease over time. It is important to follow up on the information provided by the employees and take action accordingly.   Failing to take action can lower the response rate because the feedback is not regarded as being of any value to the organization.

The importance of follow-up

Surely you can spend a lot of time and resources sending polls to your employees asking for them to participate in your Employee Pulse Check. However, it is not until youtake action on the insights that the true value will be revealed. In most cases, one follow-up per year is not enough, and you should aim to have check-ins with your employees on a regular basis.

Therefore, we recommend that you send out Employee Pulse Checks to follow up on your efforts on a regular basis. This will provide your organization with insights over time that will track your change management. Valuable information will be received at an early stage, and it will assist you in the decision making and contribute to increased satisfaction among the employees.

An Employee Pulse Check is a complementary tool

Most companies conduct an employee analysis yearly, but did you know that best practice is to complement them with regular, small scale Employee Pulse Checks throughout the year?

This allows you to select up to 10 questions from the yearly survey and repeat them. Based on the feedback, you will get insights showing how well the changes you have made were received in the workspace. By gathering continuous data you will be able to maximize the return of the investment from your yearly survey among your co-workers.

A regular Employee Pulse Check, encourage change in your company

Our Employee Pulse Check will help you follow up on the actions which has been taken, and you have to keep working to reach the predetermined objectives. Over time you will also encounter new challenges, which again will create a need for you to regularly take the pulse among the employees. Now you will be able to focus your resources on the right projects and areas of improvement moving forward.

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Hubbster helps you all the way with pulse checks

As I said, it is important to measure the development of your efforts, but it is even more important that you act in the right way based on the result you get. Hubbster’s experts help you to develop concrete conclusions and recommendations based on the results you get from your pulse checks in order for you to succeed in the best possible way with your change work.

We have been using Hubbster for many years and are very satisfied with their performance and service content and with it we get a neutral evaluation of our customers' thoughts about us as a company and our performance on a variety of issues. The results of these surveys are a valuable tool for us in our continuous improvement work to become an even better partner for our customers.

Robert Almqvist, Manager sales and consulting, ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Sweden

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Patrik Bolander works as Key Account Manager at Hubbster. He is our specialist in pulse checks, employee surveys and employee analyses and takes strategies to concrete action through employee-driven change. With the help of pulse checks, employee surveys, customer surveys, analyses and change management, Patrik helps companies achieve change that is visible in the business results.
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