Software for Effective Change Management

With Hubbster you will get your business up and running. We have the tools to help you activate the organization and lay grounds for strategies and change management. 

Hubbster Monitoring Implements the Projects Faster

Do you often experience delays when it comes to projects assigned in the organization? For many companies, it is difficult to follow how well a project is carried out. With Hubbster Monitoring, you get a unique tool for implementing and following your strategies and projects. Detailed information about how the projects and changes are implemented is displayed in real-time, providing you with an overview at all levels in the organization, regardless of size or number of projects.

Hubbster Activate Allows for Employees to Create the Power of Change Management

We will show you how Hubbster Activate can assist with what we call employee-driven change management. By giving the employees the opportunity to drive the change themselves, we ensure that up to 95 percent of your change projects will succeed. Your employees are your most valuable assets, and allowing them to take part in this will create immense value for your company each and every day.

Hubbster Insights: The Potential can be Found in the Results

Together we analyze the results of the surveys you conduct with us. In the next step, we ensure that the prioritized changes you want to implement become a reality. With over 25 years of experience, we will assist you to make an informed decision in your role as a leader.

We Create Measurable Values for our Clients

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