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Commercial due diligence – facts that ensure safer acquisitions

How accurate is a future prognosis? How satisfied are the customers? How does your offer stand out in relation to your competition? Is there a risk of losing customers? What actions do you need to take in order to reach the goals you’ve set? These are some of the questions people ask themselves when they are considering an acquisition. Hubbster’s model for commercial due diligence (DD) goes into depth of all of them and more. By analysing externally collected data we can measure and evaluate a company’s services and the collaboration with their customers and clients. Thus, the likelihood that your prognosis will hold up can be determined.

Make fact-based decisions

Making a business acquisition is a big decision that should be based on facts. We believe that commercial due diligence is just as important as the legal and financial aspects. This is why Hubbster has developed a unique method based on solid facts to analyse the strength of the company’s offering and its ability to work with their customers today and in the future. Our method covers all the company’s work with their clients; from offer to follow-up, and from both a customer and employee perspective.

Design your unique commercial due diligence

A common mistake many businesses make is to carry out a standardised commercial DD, where key customers and selected employees receive template interviews. We believe that every situation is unique and that preparations are crucial to the outcome. To obtain the best results providing you with a solid foundation for further action and decisions, we believe you should combine an unconditional approach with clear definitions of the core questions you want to gain insight to.

The Value of Hubbster’s Commercial DD

The result of a commercial due diligence is a thorough and well-based assessment for the possibility that any prognosis will be fulfilled. Prioritised and solid recommendations based on facts are included to secure actions to ensure that goals are being reached. Among other things, Hubbster’s commercial due diligence covers the following:
  • The overall impression of the offering
  • How the needs are met
  • Wishes for development
  • Comparison to competitors
  • Specific possibilities for improvement
  • What the future might hold
  • “Top of mind” for choosing suppliers
  • “Top of mind” for clients
  • Market communication
  • Sales
  • Delivery and service
  • Follow-up after business
  • Customer development
  • Information and collaboration
  • Continuous improvements
  • Actual client value
  • Leadership, goals, motivation, follow-up and control (employees only)
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How Hubbster makes a commercial DD

Hubbster’s commercial due diligence is a unique method developed over more than a decade. Facts are produced by having dialogue with customers and employees in the form of, for example, interviews and questionnaires.

More generic questions that cover the entire offer and all customer collaboration are complemented by customized questions. The method and question selection ensure that the analysis not only provides answers to what is good and less good, but also establishes the underlying causes. In other words, the question is answered why is it good or less good?

The analysis covers the entire business from the offer to marketing, sales, delivery/execution and follow-up. This includes, among other things, delivered customer value and competitor comparisons.

The facts obtained are analyzed by consultants with extensive experience in business development, business management and sales.

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Jonas Hedman works as a senior business consultant and is a specialist in commercial DD's. Jonas has worked a lot with change management issues and sales management, especially within B2B.
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