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What value does your proposition offer?


Most companies are good at communicating facts and product characteristics. However clearly conveying how the products and services contribute to creating value, is not always present. 

More than often employees misunderstand or lack the knowledge of how to communicate the company’s way of creating value. This often leads to a shift in focus from the value of the work to discussions about the pricing.

Due to this, we emphasize the importance of putting resources into creating a value proposition that is feasible for everyone in the organization to both understand and convey.

The benefits of a value proposition


An organization that has a clear and understandable value proposition, will make it easier for its employees to successfully communicate the value aligning with the customers’ assessment matrix. 

Your value proposition is what differentiates you from the competition. Meaning you will have a better sales tool as well as streamlined communication with potential customers.

Working on the value propositions you offer, will provide a deep understanding of how your customers measure success linked to various customer segments and in regards to different roles and positions. As a result, this will create a sense of security in conversations with customers as well as throughout your marketing communication.

So what is the next step?


Value proposition with business model canvas. 

The first step will be to define the customer segments and customer roles. By doing this, we lay the grounds for what needs to be addressed. Next, we will work with customer panels to create a detailed understanding of the customer’s needs.

The customer panels help forming the idea of which products and services the customer is in need of, but does not currently have access to. In addition, we create a clear picture of what problems or tangles the customer is facing at the moment, as well as projecting where they want to be, and what they want to gain.

In addition to the functional needs, this also delves into the social and emotional demands of the customer’s company. From there, we can arrange internal workshops, where the goal of these are to design a value proposition that meets both stated and unstated needs. 

The last step of our work towards creating a value proposition with a business model canvas, is the implementation of a gap analysis. This provides insights into what needs to be executed and further developed in order to deliver a solid value proposition.

Value delivery


A successful implementation of this work leads to a value proposition focusing on the needs that many clients have and are more than willing to pay for. As a result of this offer, you can easily demonstrate how you differ from the competition and how to create that original value enhancing your uniqueness on the market.

After completing the projects and training of the staff, you will have defined clear value propositions that fully match the customer’s needs. In addition, you have created an understanding within the organization about how they should communicate with different customer segments and executives.

This allows for your employees to establish new customer relationships without price being the main differentiation factor.

Does this sound interesting?

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Hubbster’s approach to value proposition

Hubbster always works with the best possible line-up (BPL) method. This means that we allocate the most senior consultants in terms of experience from your industry or related to your unique challenges.

To deliver a great value proposition, we rely on proven methodologies. It’s called business-canvas thinking.

Envac is a driven and innovative organization with strong employee influence as part of our Swedish heritage. We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves. Hubbster's tools support us in this work.

Patrick Haraldsson, President, Region Envac North Europe

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Peter Follin works as Head of Expert Services and is a specialist in business mangement and value propositions.
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