Process development

Process Development and Process Improvement


Working systematically with process development and process improvement is important to localize new efficient opportunities in your company. The consequences of inefficient or unclear processes include high quality deficiency costs, an overall uneven quality, high personal dependence and frustration in the organization. Well-defined processes are a powerful tool for optimizing a streamlined way of working, reducing the personal dependency, increasing profitability and highlighting where value is created in the organization.

What is included in a process development project?


Each project is unique, but it normally consists of two main parts, process mapping and process improvement.

Process mapping

The need to map out the organization’s processes often arises when the organization is facing one of the following situations:

  • Current processes are perceived as unclear or inefficient
  • The organization has efficiency or profitability problems
  • New or changed management team
  • Problems with dissatisfaction from staff or customers
  • Problems with capacity in growth
  • Quality and/or environment certification of the organization 
  • Introduction of a new ERP-system
  • Acquisitions or merge of companies or organizations
  • Process improvement

Process improvement

The most important thing in process development is to reflect on how the process contributes to the overall strategy of the company. That way you have an overview if the process has the right focus and is prioritizing the right improvement efforts:

  • Elimination of bureaucracy and waste
  • Analysis of added value and throughput time (lead time)
  • Securing the process from failure 
  • Standardization and automatization
  • Integration with the customer/supplier
  • Process re-engineering

We know process improvement


Working with process development requires a clear vision of creating something better; a goal specifically based on the needs of customers and other stakeholders, combined with the strategic ambitions of the company. With your goal as the fundamental base, we work with process development aiming to design and anchor processes that create simplicity, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Hubbster’s experts have extensive experience in helping companies and other organizations with process development and process improvement. We help you streamline and anchor your processes.

Want to know more?


Hubbster method of process development

In a process development project, we normally work with project management, proven process development methods, as well as change management. A project can be divided into five phases:

  1. Prepare – as with other projects, planning, staffing, anchoring, etc. are required.
  2. Understand – fact gathering to get a picture of the current situation.
  3. Improve – develop a desired position and design processes.
  4. Implement – implement the processes in the organization.
  5. Manage – maintain and improve the processes.

An important component of Hubbster’s methodology lies in participation. In order to enable a successful establishment of processes, where the employees both want and understand how to make use of them, it is required that the employees are involved in the work. Our methodology ensures participation throughout the process.

Do you want to talk to a specialist in process development?

Rebecka Borg is our specialist in process development.
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