Employee analysis

Business Analysis: our approach Enables a Fact-Based Foundation.

All businesses need to adapt and evolve in order to achieve long-term success, and there are various considerations to take into account. How can we best change what we offer? How efficient are our processes? Do we have the right price point? Which changes in our customer interaction would create the best impact? 

Employee Analysis for Increased Engagement and Efficiency

With the help of an employee analysis and a clear Employee Satisfaction Index you can get more satisfied and motivated employees. We will guide you in the process of finding the specific conclusions and recommendations.

Keeping your employees motivated will in return make them want more and give more. You can also learn how you are perceived as an employer by measuring your eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score).

Are you thinking about what changes you should make to increase engagement and profitability? It all starts with your employees. With an employee analysis you not only get a score of how satisfied your employees are, but also specific conclusions and recommendations on what you need to do, to be even more successful as an organisation going forward. Increased engagement leads to more satisfied customers and clients, which in turn will lead to better profitability for the entire company.

What is an employee analysis?


Before you conduct an analysis it’s important to clarify what the purpose of it is and what type of results you expect to see. At Hubbster we put a lot of emphasis on preparatory work. As a management group, what are the key questions you want to be answered in the employee analysis?

There are a few major differences between a regular employee survey and Hubbster’s employee analysis:

  1. We ensure that the analysis provides you with answers to your key questions. We don’t just give you a score of how satisfied your employees are, we also find facts for why the situation is the way it is, and what actions you should take to reach the desired score.
  2. In order to provide relevant conclusions and recommendations for your organization, we have a team of experts consisting of project managers and business consultants with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. They set aside plenty of time to do preparatory work and to analyse the results. 

How to implement the results?


If an analysis is executed in the right way, it can provide great conditions to improve employee satisfaction as well as increased business results.

Once you have established what needs to be changed based on the results of the analysis, it’s time for the next step – to take action. Hubbster has a unique digital platform for efficient change work where you work from the bottom up through employee driven changes and top down by launching activities and projects. 

Act on specific recommendations

At Hubbster we focus on preliminary work, but also on the analysis itself, which is done by our skillful experts. They will find action-based recommendations for you to consider. We ensure that you don’t just get a report that will end up in a desk drawer, and we will support you along the process, helping you analyze the results and implement the changes you want to be realized in your organisation.

So before you make the next strategic decision, let us help you build a fact-based foundation you will benefit from. Together we make sure that it’s a form of insurance against making the wrong priorities and decisions.

Would you like to learn more about how we work with our employee analysis to make solid changes in your business?


How do Hubbster make an employee analysis

Hubbster works with employee analysis and NMI (Satisfied Employee Index) by measuring your Employee Net Promoter Score).
We ensure that the questions are relevant and have an expert team to help you all the way.

Envac is a driven and innovative organization with strong employee influence as part of our Swedish heritage. We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves. Hubbster's tools support us in this work.

Patrick Haraldsson, President, Region Envac North Europe

Would you like to talk to a specialist in employee analysis?

Patrik Bolander works as Key Account Manager at Hubbster. He is our specialist in employee surveys and employee analyses and takes strategies to concrete action through employee-driven change. Med using employee surveys, customer surveys, analyses. pulse measurements and change management help Patrik companies achieve change that is visible in the business results.
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