Strategic Objectives

Establish Strategic Objectives to make the Board of Directors work in the same Direction


Establishing a ground of strategic objectives serve several purposes within an organization. To achieve success in your business, it is very important that every board member of directors aim their energy and efforts in a conjoined direction.

But why is this important? More than often, each individual on the board has his or her own idea of how to get things done, focusing on achieving their own goals instead of the company’s goals. As a consequence, the communication between the board of directors may not be uniformed and can lead to harming the overall targets for the organization. Worst case scenario, an environment like this can build a blame-culture.

By installing and maintaining strategic objectives you can counteract such tendencies and make sure everyone is working towards achieving the same outcome.

The Benefit of Strategic Objectives


By ensuring everyone in the organization has a clear idea of the current situation, as well as share the same viewpoints and have the same idea of how to get there, you are able to create the right environment to succeed with your change management.

In the beginning when we team up, we start out by having a meeting with the person in charge of your project or organization. Together we will sit down and define the exact needs of your business.

Thereafter, the practice of workshops and other proven methods, will lead your team towards the successful outcome we are all striving for. This is based on the idea of everyone working together in a coordinated fashion towards the objectives. For these activities to be the catalyst of success that we are aiming for, it is of utter importance that everyone can participate and are given the opportunity to make their voice heard.

Normally, two workshops are needed to ensure a streamlined way of working, establishing a unified direction of achievement among the team members. Although, in some cases one workshop will be enough to see change.

Themes that are up for discussion in these meetings will be:

  • SWOT
  • Common goals
  • Critical aspects of how to reach the goal
  • Strategies
  • “How does this apply to me?”

Based on the outcomes of the discussions from these meetings, we will be able to document important information. The report will be a solid foundation on which you can base and further develop a business plan.

Value delivery


By successfully implementing the idea of strategic objectives, you will be able to create an environment in which the board of directors can work together towards the same outcome for the business.

The common goals have a positive impact on the overall motivation of the people involved in the project.Together these factors will lead to the necessary change management you are striving to implement in all parts of your organization.

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Hubbsters Method

Hubbster always works with BPL, “Best Possible Line-up”, which means that we use senior consultants who have the most and best experience of your industry and the challenges you face.

Envac is a driven and innovative organization with strong employee influence as part of our Swedish heritage. We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves. Hubbster's tools support us in this work.

Patrick Haraldsson, President, Region Envac North Europe

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