Business analysis

Business Analysis: our approach Enables a Fact-Based Foundation.

All businesses need to adapt and evolve in order to achieve long-term success, and there are various considerations to take into account. How can we best change what we offer? How efficient are our processes? Do we have the right price point? Which changes in our customer interaction would create the best impact? 

Important strategic decisions like these are something that most companies need to evaluate and they are often governed by individuals. However, we believe that the best approach will be to base these decisions on solid facts.

The value of a business analysis

Hubbster’s business analyses are always based on the client’s goals and customized to suit their needs. The end result is a concrete and prioritized recommendation, which in order to achieve the objectives is based on facts. In short, we provide answers of what should be prioritized as well as what is most important to implement or develop in order to achieve the set goals.This can be in regards to for example, increased customer satisfaction, higher growth or improved profitability. It is equally important to understand what worked after the project has been executed. At the same time, we highlight the less functional aspects and address how to maximize the return of investment. By implementing the recommendations, you can receive: 
  • Increased profits
  • Better results
  • Higher customer satisfaction

This is how we work

All business analyses start with a meeting where we establish a better understanding of your business and try to pinpoint exactly where we can help you maximize your potential. Together we define the core questions that are most important to answer. After the meeting, we will come back with a proposal for an arrangement and clearly defined deliverables. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more!

Hubbster’s business analysis approach

Hubbster’s methodology has been developed for more than a decade.

Facts are produced by having dialogue with customers and employees in the form of interviews and questionnaires. The questions include the entire offering, from customer collaboration and business exploration to more customized issues and business follow-up. The method and question selection ensure that the analysis not only provides answers to what is good and less good. They also establish the underlying causes, that is, answers to the question why is it good or not?

Once the data collection is completed, data-driven analyses are carried out to determine which measures are most important.  This creates an understanding of how resources and work should be prioritized. The work is complemented by analyses by competent business consultants with extensive experience in business development, business management and change management.   

Envac is a driven and innovative organization with strong employee influence as part of our Swedish heritage. We are constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves. Hubbster's tools support us in this work.

Patrick Haraldsson, President, Region Envac North Europe

Want to talk to a business analysis specialist?   

Jonas Hedman works as a senior business consultant and is a specialist in business analysis. Jonas has worked a lot with change management issues and sales management, especially within B2B.
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