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Brand Analysis – Strengthen Your Brand!

With a brand analysis, it will be easier to make decisions about how you can develop your brand going forward
. A common question among companies today is: “What do we need to do in order to develop the brand and how strong is it?” Having a solid brand is more important than ever and success first requires a good understanding of how the market perceives your brand.

The Value it can Bring

There are many advantages of doing an analysis of your own brand. You will get a clear picture of which associations are linked to you, but you will also gain insight to how big the brand awareness is. On the other hand, you can get to know your target group better and plan different communication efforts based on the results. Brand analysis is an important and central part for everyone involved in the company’s strategic work to be familiar with.

The message of a Brand Analysis

We have summarized some of the questions a brand analysis can answer:

    • What are the identified and defined opportunities for improvement?
    • What is the brand awareness like? Both spontaneous and assisted.
    • For which customers and suppliers is your company the obvious choice?
    • What are both the positive and negative associations with your brand?
    • Which associations are the most important ones? Why is that?
    • What are the preferences and why?
    • What strengths and weaknesses do you have in different markets? Also to be linked to different products and compared to competitors.
    • How big is the gap between your current situation and your desired location?
    • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your current marketing communication?

Always analyze based on your core questions, goals and visions, so that the results really benefit you and your company as a whole.

Tailor Your Analysis for your Needs

A common mistake many companies make is that they conduct a brand survey where they use interviews and/or surveys to ask more or less standard questions to customers and the market. The problem with this is that the survey is not adapted to you and your specific needs, but based on a template. It can also be difficult (and time consuming) for you to analyze the results, draw conclusions and come up with the next steps. 

We believe that each situation is unique and that the preparatory work is crucial for the results. In order to have a great foundation  for decision-making, it is important to clearly define which core questions you want answers to; what is the desired situation? What brand movement do you want? And which target groups are relevant to you?

Our experts will then carefully review the results of the data collection and give you concrete conclusions and recommendations to implement.

A Proven Method


We have been developing our method of gathering facts for more than a decade. With the help of statistically reliable questions, we get the facts by having a dialogue with the selected target group. An important key to statistically significant results is a random sample of respondents within clearly defined target groups.

At Hubbster, these evaluations are conducted by experienced interviewers in all sorts of languages. The facts gathered will then be analyzed by competent consultants with extensive experience in brand strategy, business development and marketing.

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How Hubbster conducts a Brand Analysis


Hubbster’s brand analysis not only gives you data from the market, but also concrete conclusions and recommendations from our experts. This will show you what efforts you need to make in order to strengthen your brand.

In addition, you also get a well substantiated picture of the current situation, so that you can prioritize the future steps in your brand development.

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Rebecka Borg works as a senior business consultant and is an expert in brand analysis. She is a valued lecturer and has experience in sales training.
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