Hubbster Activate

Hubbster understands the value of including employees in change management, which is why we have created this digital tool. With Hubbster Activate, we can tailor a solution for employee-driven change. It can also help activate strategic decisions, regardless of your organization’s size.

Increase the Activation Strategy With 1,200 Percent

In order to remain competitive, our methods in research and behavioral psychology are based on effective business development. The proportion of staff who understand and can work with the strategy increases from 5 percent to over 60 percent in less than a year. That’s what we mean by activation.

We will help you achieve employee-driven change.

Create Long-term Results With Hubbster Activate

9 out of 10 of our customers have succeeded in their improvement and change management! They report seeing concrete, lasting and positive results in their business. Learn more about how to succeed with Hubbster Activate.

Up to 78 percent on-time completion rate

Time is one of the most valuable resources we have. Despite this, only 20 percent of the companies’ activities are carried out on time. Let’s change that together. We want to show you how Hubbster Activate can help you implement 78 percent of the changes more efficiently and within a time frame.

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