We are the Technical Pioneer that Activates Organizations Through our New Platform and Tool.

Hubbster - Who We Are

Our main focus is on driving value creation for companies and organizations looking to share knowledge, insights and actionable tasks. When it comes to our customer commitment, nothing is left to chance, and together with you, we develop the solution that works the best. Whether it is about engaging employees or implementing change, we always foresee how we can make our clients successful.  

We acknowledge that there is a clear link between good leadership, commitment, achievement and results. This is something more and more people are realizing. Unfortunately, few people know how to follow through, to activate and follow up on leading change together with their employees. However, we are confident and want to share our knowledge with you.

The Characteristics of Successful Improvement has a Number of Ingredients

In order to understand why change must take place, a scoop of insight is first needed. Motivation and strong will are two more key ingredients. It might be obvious for a few but for others, this can be a big challenge and it is easy to get stuck without the right conditions in place. Our ambition is to help you achieve your visions and plan your future success. 

We know how to succeed in change management. We have created the perfect recipe, made it scalable and want to share it with as many people as possible. Together we can enable sustainable, engaging and not least, real change. It is something that we work hard for every day

Our Vision

A great power lives inside of Hubbster, which comes naturally, as we are very passionate about what we do. We understand that strong commitment can move mountains and new paths can be created. That’s why we want you to take us into consideration and become our ally when it comes to change management. We are able to do this by sharing our recipe for successful change. 

We stand by our products and the people behind it that help contribute to everyday change, especially in the modern digital landscape. In addition to our driving force we will be equally committed to our own employees and their improvement.

Our ambition is to contribute knowledge and value for our clients, with the help of our products. We want to put Hubbster on the map as a new best practice. The solution is scalable and with a high client satisfaction we know that we are on the right track. When our recipe is set as a global standard, that’s when we have reached our vision and goals.

What our Clients Say About Us

“Hubbster met all the wishes and requirements we had when we searched for the right tool and activation partner. We felt that, together, we had the best conditions to create an engaging and effective work improvement in the organization. ”

– Gustaf Karling,
owner Everysport Media Group.

“Activation is about narrowing the gap between thinking strategy and implementing strategy. Our thesis at SOS Children’s Villages is that the management should define why a certain strategy is needed and what it means. How the strategy is to be activated is, on the other hand, the employees’ responsibility and ownership. This is where the fervor is awakened and the strategy comes to life in one’s own everyday life. ”

— Ebba Annell,
Head of Business Development and Tech at SOS Barnbyar

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